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Elect-Lady Larissa B. Fountain

I greet you my sisters, Godly Women, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am very elated with anticipation of what the Lord is getting ready to do for our Women’s Ministry. The Fountain of Youth Women’s Ministry will stand in prayer and faith for our Pastor, Apostle Franklin L. Fountain and our church family as we work diligently to lead God’s women to higher heights and deeper depths in the Kingdom of God. As Godly Women, it will be our desire and duty, to exemplify the excellency of holiness in every area of our lives. I am looking forward to working with every woman within our ministry as we work closely together as willing women of God, to support actively in the Kingdom.

Your Servant in Christ Jesus,
Elect-Lady Larissa B. Fountain

Exemplifying Holiness as Godly Women with a Divine Spirit of Excellence!
As disciples of the Women’s Ministry we are under the subjection of God to be Godly women. We are committed to empower, encourage, motivate, and uplift our fellow sisters. We agree to promote, love, honesty, respect, and generosity. We will earnestly endeavor to abolish the gossiping, disrespect, hating, strife, messiness, rivalry, competition and jealousy that plague the women of today. We will seek to strengthen our individual self-worth, our self-image, our self-esteem, and our self-respect.  We will carry ourselves virtuously, phenomenally, exceptionally, beautifully and intellectually as women of the Most High. We will strive towards holiness as our standard of living. We will commit ourselves to serve as positive role models to all women. We will uphold and exhibit the Godly morals and values of a woman of excellence in spirit, thoughts, words, and actions. We will adhere to the mission statement, our goal, and our purpose. Most importantly, we vow to present and personify ourselves as GODLY WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE!
The goal of the Women’s Ministry is to exercise love, discipline and support in fulfilling their purpose by living out the principles of the Word of God; to support, facilitate and build women to become Godly women, nurturers and healers that God commands us to be, and to provide avenues of meaningful Christian service for women according to the spiritual gifts given to them by God.

Our purpose is to embrace, educate, empower, and encourage women by using our gifts, talents, resources, and time all for the Glory of God. We will strive to support those women in their individual areas of need and connect with them to believe that God has a plan and a purpose for their lives. We will admonish every woman to seek their purpose and live it, which in turn will give glory to God.